Membership to the BCH Heatwave Swim Team is open to any competitive swimmer wishing to take part in the program.  All swimmers must be evaluated for skills and placement.  Please request an evaluation from one of the BCH Coaches or send us an email and we will contact you.

FEES-BCH monthly swim dues go directly toward coaching and pool rental fees.  Payments are due monthly and are payable the first of each month.  If payments are delinquent, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice or compete with BCH.  Swimmers will be charged for the ENTIRE MONTH regardless of actual time in the water.  Since the coaches have financial responsibilities twelve months a year, payments must be made whether or not the swimmer is consistently in the water.  An annual administrative and team development fee $125 is charged at enrollment and on the 1st of October each year.:

USA REGISTRATION-All swimmers are required to be members of USA Swimming, Inc.  There is an annual fee for this registration, currently $74.00.  Swimmers are not allowed to compete in sanctioned meets without being registered with USA Swimming.

TEAM APPAREL-The team colors are navy blue and silver.  Our team is under contract with Speedo.  All BCH swimmers are required to wear a Navy Blue Speedo suit to all sanctioned meets. Team Apparel Store (Login info: Username - BCH, Password - heatwave)

Equipment: All swimmers will need a pair of Speedo Training fins, goggles, junior kick board, and swim cap.  All equipment, BCH parkas, BCH swim suits and BCH swim caps may be purchased at Swim2000 which is located at 4137 S Maryland Pkwy, LV, NV 89119.  Let them know you are with BCH because they do not give BCH apparel out to the general public. We are sponsored by Speedo, so each swimmer is required to wear Speedo suits as well as BCH swim caps at sanctioned swim meets.

FUNDRAISING-Fund-raising is an important part of our financial stability.  All year-round swimmers and swim families are encouraged to participate in fund-raising events.  The fund-raisers help pay for many team expenses (equipment, travel, etc.). Some of our regular fundraising events are listed below:

            Sillystring Sales-Boulder City Damboree (4th of July)

            Swim Meets hosted by BCH

Swim Meets:  Swimmers are encouraged to sign up for team swim meets.  Meet fees are due on or before the date of the meet.

Volunteering:  Parents and/or guardians will also be expected to volunteer at swim meets or other BCH events as needed.      A parent or guardian is expected to participate in timing at every meet your child enters.  There are many volunteers needed for the other various jobs at the BCH-run swim meets:  meet administration, awards, hospitality, sign-in of swimmers, meet marshal, head timer, program and equipment sales, setup and break down of the venue.   Please check online at the website for notice of meets and to sign up for a job.