Boulder City-Henderson Swim Team (BCH Heatwave) relies heavily on volunteers who support the swimmers, coaches, and growth of the club. Activities such as working at fund raising events and local swim meets are the most common contributions.  Most of our meets are sanctioned by USA Swimming and Southern California Swimming, and require the involvement of licensed meet officials.  If you would like to become a meet official please let us know.

Tasks necessary to run the swim meets hosted by BCH Heatwave:   Sign up online. On the Meet Info tab, select the meet from the list, click on job signup, click on the box next to a job, and click on signup.  Check in at the volunteer table when you arrive at the meet.

   Meet Setup:  Set up the timing system, carry in & setup the administration equipment, bring in the hospitality supplies, set up the timers chairs, set up the swimmer and volunteer check-in tables, set up barriers and signs if required. Other tasks as instructed by the meet administrator and volunteer coordinator.

   Swimmer Check-in: Mark the registered swimmer lists as the swimmers check in.  Inform the swimmer of the event number for the events they have entered.

   Volunteer Check-in & Apparel Table: On the Job Sign up sheet, have the volunteers initial beside their names.  Recruit parents to fill jobs that have not been filled before the meet.  Sell and record the sale of shirts and caps.  Sell programs if available. Keep the money box/bag secure.

   CTS Operator:  Run the timing system during the meet.

   Hospitality:  Supply cold bottles of water to the timers, officials and coaches. Oversee the food and beverage supplies in the hospitality area provided for officials and coaches.

   Head Timer:  Serve as backup for timers by starting two watches at the beginning of each heat.  If a timer raises a hand because of a problem with his/her watch, give one of the started watches to that timer.

   Runner:  Take the timers' sheets to each lane and pick them up to take to the administration table, post the heat sheets on the wall for swimmers and parents, post meet results on the wall as they become available.  Take copies of the meet results to the volunteer table to put in the Boy & Girl results books.

   Floater:  Be available to the Volunteer Coordinator to fill in any task vacancy.

   Meet Marshall:  Monitor the entry to the area behind the blocks to prevent undue traffic from interfering with the running of the meet, monitor the warm-up pool for jumping and playing activities interfering with swimmers warming up for their events.

   Timers: BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE.  Start a watch at the beginning of each heat, stand up and look down the side of the pool to observe the swimmer's exact touch at the end of the event and stop the watch at that moment.  Record the time on the timer's sheet. If your watch does not get started properly, raise your hand for a replacement watch from the Head Timer.

   Awards:  Place the labels of the event results on the appropriate ribbons for the swimmers. Sort the ribbons into bags for the different pools and teams.

   Tear Down:  A most important job! Take the timing system down, carry all equipment out to the transporting vehicles, clear away barriers and any signs, clear the hospitality area, help put away chairs and tables, and pick up trash. We need to leave the pool location in good condition.